We use only the best quality raw materials from reputed manufacturers for our furniture.

"Inferior quality imitations are available in the market at much lower costs.We source our raw materials from manufacturers/distributors directly to ensure that we use high quality-original raw materials."

Boxes and Shutters
The materials used for the manufacture of boxes and shutters are the core components of any furniture.

We use only products from reputed brands like ASIS , Mayur, Merino, Kelachandra, Duna etc. These are backed by the product Gaurantee from the manufacturer. Box and shutter edges are sealed using world class edgebanding products from Rehau/Dolken etc.

Hinges and Hardware
"Hettich is a leading German furniture hardware supplier,known for its innovative features, value added benefits.And most of all, its guaranteed reliability. Subject to certainconditions, Hettich offers lifetime warranty to its products. Our furniture utilise Hettich hinges for the .regular boxes.We use hinges from reputed manufacturers liek Ebco/Enox for special boxes."

All materials come with the assurance of quality that gives you that outstanding Kristal D├ęcor stamp of class!

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